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Food Decree (1971:807).

Type of law
Date of original text

A Decree to implement provisions of the Food Act (SFS 1971:511) and to further regulate slaughtering and the handling of food and control of food quality and hygiene. The structure of Decree closely follows the structure of the Act as far as treatment of arguments is concerned. Food additives shall be approved by the State Food Inspection Agency, which shall also prescribe food standards in accordance with the Act (arts. 3 to 6). Articles 7 to 26 further regulate the handling of food. Persons handling food professionally shall be registered with the State Food Inspection Agency (art. 9). Article 10 and 11 concern the treatment of food. Article 29 to 34 concern personal hygiene of persons handling food. Article 38 specifies the appropriate authority for approval of various kinds of food premises. Articles 49, 49a, and 49 b concern the control of meat. Articles 50 and 51 provide for accreditation with a state body of laboratories that carry out analysis of food and potable water.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Decree 1971:807 as last amended by SFS 2005:1042 (Swedish version). The English version includes amendments up to 1 January 2002.
Publication reference
Publication of the National Food Agency (English version).
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in force
Legislation Amendment
Original title
Livsmedelsf rordning (1971:807).