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Decree on special protection areas (Natura 2000).

Type of law

This Decree of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia establishes special protection areas Natura 2000, safety objectives in these areas and conservation policies to maintain or achieve the favorable conservation status of wild plants and animal species, their habitats and habitat types conservation of which is in the interest of the European Union, and other rules of conduct for the conservation of these areas. These provisions also apply to potential special areas and the means of protection. Natura area is defined on the basis of technical criteria of evaluating sites for each habitat type and each species whose conservation is in the interest of the European Union. Technical criteria for identifying Natura areas are specified in Annex 1 and concern: (1) habitat types which are in the interest of the European Union; (2) habitats of plant species conservation of which is in the interest of the European Union; (3) habitats for birds and other animal species. This Decree is composed of 18 articles divided into the following Sections: Introductory provisions (Sec. 1); Determination of Natura areas (Sec. 2); Protection objectives (Sec. 3); Rules of conduct (Sec. 4); Planning the protection of Natura areas (Sec. 5); Potential areas of Natura (Sec. 6); Transitional and final provisions (Sec. 7).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Decree entered into force on 1 May 2004.
Serial Imprint
Official Gazette No. 49/2004
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Uredba o posebnih varstvenih obmo jih (obmo jih Natura 2000).