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Regulation on veterinary checks on certain animal products.

Type of law

This Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food establishes provisions governing veterinary checks on certain animal products intended for trade within the territory of the European Union. These provisions apply to animal products specified in Annex 1. The trade is allowed for products which are obtained, checked and marked in accordance with the Community rules or in accordance with national rules of the destination EU Member State, and which are accompanied to the final consignee mentioned therein by the health certificate. This Regulation is composed of 18 articles divided into the following Sections: General provisions (Sec. 1); Identification of animals (Sec. 2); Veterinary certificate (Sec. 3); Veterinary referral form (Sec. 4); Food safety declaration (Sec. 5); Feedback information to holdings (Sec. 6); Declaration by transporter (Sec. 7); Completion of forms (Sec. 8); Transitional and final provisions (Sec. 9).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Regulation entered into force on 4 January 2007.
Serial Imprint
Official Gazette No. 137/2006
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Pravilnik o veterinarskih pregledih dolocenih ivalskih proizvodov pri trgovanju na teritoriju EU.