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The Customary Land Rights Regulations, Statutory Instrument no. 12 of 2023.

Type of law

These Regulations, made under section 47 of the Customary Land Rights Act, 2022, apply to: land subject to customary Law, and to investment in land under customary tenure, resulting in the displacement of a community or persons. The Regulations concern: arbitration; carbon investment, as those projects aiming at preserving wetlands, wildlife habitats, steep slopes, old growth or virgin forests and other ecologically sensitive areas; foreign company; foreign land-based investment; lease agreement; resettlement action Plan. Matters covered by these Regulations include: disclosure of information to a community; damages to the community or to displaced persons; standards to comply with for investing in land; protection of ecologically sensitive areas, including: wetland, wildlife habitat, steep slope, old growth and virgin forests; prohibited activities, including: mining, farming and plantation, logging and charcoal burning, spillage of effluent, sludge and other pollutant and harmful substances; liability of investors; registration of land before negotiations and leasing activity; limits of lease agreements; customary land rights and responsible investment; recording land transaction; community management of ecologically sensitive areas; offences and penalties.
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Supplement to the Sierra Leone Extraordinary Gazette, vol. CLXIV no. 65, date 20th October 2023.
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