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The Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute Act, no. 28 of 2023.

Type of law

This Act, consisting of 43 articles, divided into eight Parts, provides for strengthening governance and functions of the Agricultural Research Institute, focusing on: agricultural research, management, community outreach, innovation, business development. The Act defines the following relevant terms: agriculture, as the activity of cultivating the soil, growing crops, raising livestock for human use, food and feed production; research, as the accumulation and improvement of knowledge in the agricultural and related sciences. The Act concerns: continuation in existence of the Agricultural Research Institute; composition of its Council and appointment of the members; meetings of the Council; appointment of sub-committees; functions of the Institute: participating in agricultural innovations and technology transfer processes; promoting, coordinating and regulating a National food system through the Food Systems Research Platform.
The Act focuses on the following functions and powers of the Food Systems Research Platform: reducing poverty; improving livelihoods of the citizens; strengthening food security; defining policies, strategies and programmes taking into account goals and objectives relating to sustainable food security and conservation of natural resources; building capacity of agricultural extension staff, to transfer technology effectively; conducting research concerning: food production, livestock and inland fish production, forestry and tree crops, water resources and environmental management systems, post-harvest technologies for food and non-food products, plant and animal health, biosafety, breeding, genetic resources, biotechnology, environmental conservation, use of digital technologies in agriculture, socio-cultural and economic analysis of agricultural systems, agri-business; engaging the private sector in the research system; generating funds from commercial and other activities.
The Act also concerns: administration of the Institute, appointment of the Director and the staff and definition of their functions; creation of specific research centres, in order to: promote and strengthen agricultural development, through research programmes; increase export capacities of agricultural products through improved production technologies. Further matters covered by this Act include: financial provisions and funds of the Institute; power to charge fees; publication of annual report.
Long title of text
Being an Act to repeal and replace the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute Act 2007 (Act No. 25 of 2007), to provide for stronger governance of agricultural research, management, community outreach, innovation, business development and commercialisation functions of the Institute and to provide for other related matters.
Date of text
Serial Imprint
Supplement to the Sierra Leone Gazette Vol. CLXIV No.62 of 12th October 2023.
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Legislation Amendment