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Investment Promotion Act, 2009.

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This Act is made to provide for the promotion and facillitation of investment and the creation of administrative, operational and government framework of the Southern Sudan Investment Authority. The law applies to all investments within the country. The Act establishes the South Sudan Investment Authority as a body corporate and gives it the objectives to encourage and promote domestic and foreign investments in the country so as to strengthen and diversify the economy, promote surplus production, economic growth and development, realize self-sufficiency and creation of surplus for export, contribute towards poverty eradication, among others. Consequently, the Authority functions to actively promote investments, provide facilitation services to investors interested in investing in South Sudan, receives and processes applications for investment certificates, among others. The Act provides for the management and constitution of the Authority, as well as its funding. As a condition precedent to any form of investment, the Act requires an investment certificate, and this applies to both national and foreign investors. It provides for the procedure for application and issuance of the certificate. The Act provides for the grant of investment incentives including concessions, privileges and preferential treatments etc.
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