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Presidential Order for establishment of 28 States.

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This Order of the President of South Sudan establishes 28 States. the Decree is based on the Constitution of 2011 as amended in 2015. The fundamental objectives of this Order are to 1. Devolve power and resource closer to the rural people, 2. Gradually, reduce the size of the national government, thus the financial resources at the national level which shall also be progressively devolved to and in favour of the states and local governments, 3. Attract, encourage and mobilize national experts to work at the state and county levels and 4. Promote social and economic development amongst the rural communities. The states shall have executive and legislative powers as per Schedules B, C, D and E of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan. There shall be established by the President the State Border Dispute Resolution Committee. The President may issue further orders to operationalize the newly established states when and where necessary for the smooth running of the states. The Act contains transitional arrangements.
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