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Agreement in sea transportation between Cuba and Syria ratified by the Legislative Decree No. 6 of 17 January 2006.

Type of law

This Agreement is composed of 24 articles. Article 1 gives terms and definitions. The relationship in sea transportation shall be based on the free and just competition is given in article 3. The two Parties agreed on the following matters: to exchange the technology for the development of sea transportation; to encourage meetings between organizations and companies operating in sea transportation; to guarantee services for their ships; to respect the respective legislations; and to facilitate the sea transportation, custom s measures, sanitary and security measures in their ports are provided for in articles 4 to 10. Articles 11 to 14 pertain to ship s documents and crew s documents. Article 16 refers to the employment of sailors of another Party. Article 17 specifies measures to be taken in case of emergency, aggression and violation on ships. Article 19 deals with measures and steps to be taken in case of accidents or catastrophes in sea. Article 22 relates to dispute settlement. Article 23 addresses the protection of marine environment and sea insurance.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Agreement enters into force on the 30TH day from the date of the last notification.
Serial Imprint
Official Gazette No. 5, 8 February 2006, 9 pp.
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