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Law No. 128 of 1958 on the protection of trees and plants from damages caused by goats.

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This Law is composed of 10 articles. Grazing goats in areas covered with trees which reach 50 percent of the common lands shall be forbidden (art. 1). Farmers and agriculturists exploiting lands other than those referred to in Article 1, are allowed to own goats in their properties at a rate of one head for one donum of irrigated land, and one head for 10 donums of un-watered lands upon a previous authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture (art. 2). Grazing goats in commonly owned villages shall be allowed to landowners provided that the number of goats, grazing areas and the paths are defined annually by the Village Monitors Council as well as by the Administrative Authorities (art. 3). The Minister of Agriculture shall define by a resolution the way and the moving of goats into an administrative district and from one district to another (art. 5). Goat-owners have to settle their position according to this Law within one year from the date of publication (art. 6). Offences and penalties are contained in article 7. Justice police, forest guards, municipality police and all public forces are in charge of implementing this Law and suppressing infractions (art. 8).
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(128) 1958