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Resolution No. 2234 of 29 December 2005 delimiting boundaries of Addabagha Spring in order to prevent pollution.

Type of law

The aim of this Resolution is to delimit boundaries of the Addabagha Spring in order to prevent pollution. It is composed of 5 articles. Article 1 deals with the delimitation of boundaries of Addabagha Spring. Article 2 entrusts the General Authority for Irrigation of Coronets River to appropriate and management of the aforementioned spring. Article 4 prohibits all housing, industrial, touristy activities into it s boundaries in order to protect it against pollution in particular: irrigation of plants by the use of untreated sewage water; to gathering of refuses, solid wastes and organic materials; random use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers; and stone quarries.
Date of text
Serial Imprint
20051229 Official Gazette No. 5, 8 February 2006, 2 pp.
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Legislation Amendment
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2234 2005