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Protection of Freshwater Fish Act, 1937.

Type of law

This Act empowers the Minister to: (a) prescribe for any district, area of waters, the periods of close season within which it shall not be lawful to fish for, capture or destroy a particular kind or kinds of fish; (b) prescribe a list of fish which shall not be subject to such periods of close season in any district, area or waters; and (c) prohibit for a specified period the fishing for, capture or destruction of all or any particular kind or kinds of fish in any area of waters. Such powers may be exercised in respect of any particular kind or kinds of fish, and with reference to any district, area or waters, but shall be subject to the rights mentioned in section 16 of the owners of land and the owners of mineral rights to the use of such waters. Sections 6 to 9 introduce various prohibitions relative to freshwater fishing including fishing wilfully disturbing, etc. outside the fishing season (sect. 6), the taking of trout, black bass or non-indigenous fish from waters without having obtained any appropriate permit (sect. 7); using for the capturing of fish any kraal or contrivance of sacking, canvas, wicker, cane, wire, net or other material not being a net or implement of fishing provided for by this Act (sect. 8); wilfully killing or destroying any fish in any waters by means of dynamite or other explosives, or chemical, or poisonous other injurious substance. Powers of police officers and honorary fisheries officers are outlined in sections 11 and 12.
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An Act to make provision for the protection of freshwater fish.
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