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Law No. 641 On food security .

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The scope of this Law shall be to determine the main directions of state policy in the sphere of ensuring food security as integral part of state security, in accordance with generally recognized international principles and provisions. This law consists of 18 Articles divided into IV Chapters: general provisions (I); Plenary powers of state bodies for ensuring food security (II); Information coverage related to food security (III); and Conclusive provisions (IV). Food security shall be such state of national economy ensuring food security and physical access to foodstuffs required for active and healthy life, and guaranteeing demographic growth due to national food production (Article 1). Food security shall be ensured through: (a) listing of the basic foodstuffs; (b) ensuring physical and economic access to the basic foodstuffs; (c) ensuring production of raw agricultural raw materials and ready foodstuffs complying with technical regulations, standards and norms; (d) balancing of export and import; (e) implementation of efficient agrarian policy; (f) timely purchase, delivery, supply and distribution of the basic foodstuffs required for ultimate nutrition in case of the outbreak or risk of outbreak of food crisis; (g) monitoring of the state of agricultural and food market; and (h) promotion of information and communication technologies in the sphere of trade of foodstuffs and agricultural raw materials (Article 3). State support in the sphere of ensuring food security shall be to guarantee provision of the population with the basic foodstuffs through production thereof by the national producers (Article 5). Coordination of actions aimed at ensuring food security shall be performed by the authorized state institution appointed by the Government (Article 7).
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This Law enters into force on the date of its official publication.
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