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Decree-Law No. 78/2023 establishing the structure of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTA).

Type of law

This Decree-Law establishes the structure of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTA). It specifies composition, duties and responsibilities of the above mentioned institution, responsible for the design, execution, coordination and evaluation of policies, defined and approved by the Council of Ministers, for the areas of tourism and environment.
In particular, the Ministry has the following responsibilities: a) Propose policies and legislation necessary for their areas of responsibility; b) Design, implement and evaluate tourism and environmental policies; c) Support the implementation of the Blue Economy development strategy; d) Assess and license installation and operation projects for tourist enterprises; e) Inspect and supervise tourist activities and enterprises; f) Contribute to boosting the tourism sector and propose relevant measures for its development; g) Establish collaboration and cooperation mechanisms with national and international organizations; h) Support the activities of economic agents in the tourism sector; j) Assess and license installation projects and monitor the operation of tourist developments in coordination with the Ministry of Public Works; n) Suspend and revoke the license to carry out tourist activities; o) Prepare the annual plan for the development of tourism; p) Implement and execute legislation relating to the installation, licensing and verification of the operating conditions of tourist equipment; q) Establish collaboration mechanisms with other government services and bodies responsible for related areas, namely the services responsible for planning and physical development to promoting strategic tourist development zones; s) Promote and implement environmental policy, guarantee the protection and conservation of nature and biodiversity, monitor activities that are potentially harmful to flora and fauna and guarantee national development in an environmentally sustainable manner; t) Implement the environmental policy and evaluate the results achieved; u) Promote, monitor and support strategies for integrating the environment into sectoral policies; v) Carry out strategic environmental assessment of policies, plans, programmes and legislation and coordinate environmental impact assessment processes for projects at national level, etc.
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Entry into force notes
This Decree-Law enters into force on the day after its publication.
This Decree-Law repeals Decree-Law No. 15/2019 of 10 July; Decree-Law No. 40/2022 of 8 June on the State Secretariat for the Environment, Decree-Law No. 2020 of 22 December on the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry (MTCI).
Serial Imprint
Jornal da Republica, Serie I, No. 38.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Decreto-Lei N. 78/2023 - Org nica do Minist rio do Turismo e Ambiente.