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Resolution of the National Parliament No. 32/2023 approving the Strategic Plan of the National Parliament 2023 2027.

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This Strategic Plan of the National Parliament 2023-2027 is the result of a concerted vision of the different organic units that make up the administrative structure of the National Parliament, will continue the principles and values, as well as the activities that aim to guarantee the exercise of constitutional functions of Parliament, promoting international relations and cooperation. Furthermore, the National Parliament, through its action, could not fail to provide itself with an effective strategic framework allowing ways to provide an effective response to emerging problems. Therefore, new goals were established that aim to boost the training of parliamentary agents and reflection on the challenges that are the effects of globalization. The Strategic Plan will continue the projects initiated in the previous five years, deepening the work and reflection on the issues addressed, continuing to invest in the qualification of human resources, but also introducing new projects in response to these challenges. To this end, specific programmes were created that address, among others, the training of parliamentary agents in topics related to the protection of the fundamental rights of citizens belonging to vulnerable and at-risk groups, environmental protection and sustainable development, gender equality, the fight against corruption and cybersecurity.
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2023 2027
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Jornal da Rep blica, S rie I, No. 37, 4 October 2023.
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Legislation Amendment
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Resolu o do Parlamento Nacional N. 32/2023 - Aprova o Plano Estrat gico do Parlamento Nacional 2023 2027.