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Town and Country Planning (General Development) Order (Cap. 35:01).

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This Order, made under section 9(1) of the Town and Country Planning Act, provides that development of any class specified in the Schedule to this Order shall be permitted and may be undertaken without the permission of the Minister upon land to which this Order applies, provided that the permission in respect of any such class of development shall be subject to any condition or limitation imposed in the Schedule in relation to that class. If the Minister is holds that development of any of specified classes should not be carried out, (s)he may direct that the permission shall not apply to: (a) all or any development of all or any of those classes in any particular area specified in the direction; or (b) any particular development, specified in the direction, falling within any of those classes. Certain statutory improvement or maintenance works shall not be affected by directions. An application for planning permission shall be made on a form issued by the Minister and shall be accompanied by a plan. Permitted development includes: certain forestry works, specifies deposit of waste in industrial processes or by local authorities, and specified development by water and sewerage undertakers and mineral undertakers.
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Reprinted edition of 125/1969 as at 31 December 2011.
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