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National Parks Ordinance, 1959 (No. 12 of 1959).

Type of law

The 24 sections are divided into 6 Parts: Preliminary (I); Establishment of National Parks and Board of Trustees (II); General Powers, Duties and Functions of Trustees (III); Control of National Parks (IV); General (V); Repeal, Savings and Transitional Provisions (VI).
The Governor may, with the consent of the Legislative Council, by Proclamation in the Gazette, declare any area of land to be a national park for the purposes of this Ordinance (sect. 3). No amendment to a Proclamation may be made except under authority of an Ordinance enacted by the Legislature (sect. 4). Section 6 sets out the effects of a Proclamation and the extinguishments of rights. The Board of Trustees shall be established as a body corporate. Rules relating to constitution, proceedings, acts, etc. of the Trustees are set out in the Second Schedule. The Board of Trustees shall control, manage, administer, and maintain national parks (sect. 10). The Trustees may, subject to approval of the Minister, make regulations for the implementation of the provisions of this Ordinance (sect. 18).
Long title of text
An Ordinance to provide for the establishment, control and management of National Parks, and for purposes connected therewith, and to repeal the National parks Ordinance.
Date of text
Part of Schedule I is missing from the text.
Serial Imprint
Official publication, pp. 63-76.
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Legislation Amendment