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Alabama Drinking Water Finance Authority (Code of Alabama: Title 22 Health, Mental Health, and Environmental Control; Chapter 23B)

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This chapter of the Code of Alabama provides for the Alabama Drinking Water Finance Authority. The chapter is enacted to comply with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act which provides that the requirements of the federal act with respect to safe drinking water will impose new requirements that may exceed the financial and technical capacity of many public water systems. Therefore, the federal act authorizes state revolving loan funds and authorizes the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to offer to enter into agreements with eligible states to make capitalization grants to further the health protection objectives of the federal act, promote the efficient use of fund resources and carry out the other purposes specified in the federal act. Consequently, the Alabama Legislature deems it necessary, desirable and in the public interest that the state take all action necessary to accomplish the full participation of the state in the revolving loan fund program authorized by the federal act in order to make available to public bodies funds available under the federal act. Among the requirements of the federal act is the requirement that the state establish a revolving loan fund in compliance with the federal act and provide the other assurances, procedures and mechanisms to carry out the requirements of the federal act as a condition precedent to entering into a grant and other agreements with the federal government pursuant to which funds appropriated by the United States of America will be made available to the state for the purposes of the federal act. Therefore, the Alabama Drinking Water Finance Authority is incorporated. The chapter further provides for the procedure of operations of the authority.
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