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Drainage (Minnesota Statutes: Chapter 103E)

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This Chapter of the Minnesota Statutes concerns drainage. Specifically, it provides for drainage authority powers; considerations before drainage work is done; planting ditches with perennial vegetation; procedure for drainage project that affects state land or water area used for conservation; connection with drains in adjoining states; drainage authority; reimbursing cost of former surveys when used later; right of entry; drainage inspectors; ditch buffer strip, and annual reporting; obstructing drainage system; crimes related to drainage systems, and the associated penalties; field surveys and investigations by director; hydrological and drainage information; drain tile, and manufacturing studies; petitions for drainage projects; preliminary survey and hearing; detailed survey and viewing; outlets for drainage systems; constructing drainage project; funding, collecting, and paying drainage system costs; procedure to repair drainage systems; and consolidating, dividing, and abandoning drainage systems.
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