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Underground Water Storage, Savings and Replenishment (Arizona Revised Statutes: Title 45 Waters; Chapter 3.1)

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This chapter of the Arizona Revised Statutes regulates underground water storage, savings and replenishment. It declares that the public policy of this state and the general purposes of this chapter are to protect the general economy and welfare of this state by encouraging the use of renewable water supplies, particularly this state's entitlement to Colorado river water, instead of groundwater through a flexible and effective regulatory program for the underground storage, savings and replenishment of water; and allow for the efficient and cost-effective management of water supplies by allowing the use of storage facilities for filtration and distribution of surface water instead of constructing surface water treatment plants and pipeline distribution systems. It further provides for storage facility permits; water storage permits and recovery well permits; Indian water rights settlements; accounting; permit application procedures, financial provisions and enforcement; and state demonstration projects.
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