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Water Planning and Project Implementation (Minnesota Statutes: Chapter 103B)

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This Chapter of the Minnesota Statutes concerns water planning and project implementation. It provides for the board of water and soil resources; local water management, accountability and oversight; easement stewardship accounts; coordinating water resource planning; state water and related land resource plan; metropolitan water management program and its purpose; joint powers watershed management organization; boundary change of watershed districts; terminating a watershed district; boundary change and termination, and effect on benefits and damages; watershed management organizations; watershed plans; local water management plans; rule review; levies; special tax district, and local government unit; capital improvements by watershed management organizations; emergency projects; and the county levy authority. Further, the Chapter also provides for metropolitan groundwater management plans; comprehensive local water planning and management; the local water resources protection and management program; the South Dakota-Minnesota boundary waters commission; lake improvement districts; the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District; and the White Bear Lake Conservation District.
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