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Water Policy and Information (Minnesota Statutes: Chapter 103A)

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This Chapter of the Minnesota Statutes concerns water policy and information. It states that, to conserve and use water resources of the state in the best interests of its people, and to promote the public health, safety, and welfare, it is the policy of the state that: (1) subject to existing rights, public waters are subject to the control of the state; (2) the state, to the extent provided by law, shall control the appropriation and use of waters of the state; and (3) the state shall control and supervise activity that changes or will change the course, current, or cross section of public waters, including the construction, reconstruction, repair, removal, abandonment, alteration, or the transfer of ownership of dams, reservoirs, control structures, and waterway obstructions in public waters. In addition, the Chapter provides more specific wetland policy; hydropower policy; groundwater policy; conservation policy for rainwater; soil and water conservation policy; floodplain management policy; scenic river protection policy; marginal, erodible land retirement policy; water law policy; and watershed management policy. The Chapter also provides for the statewide water information system; statewide nitrate data; federal water data agreements; pumping test and data acquisition, and training programs; and water assessments and reports.
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