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Water Pollution Agency under Federal Law (Indiana Code: Title 13 Environment; Article 18 Water Pollution Control; Chapter 2)

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This chapter of the Indiana Code provides for the Water Pollution Agency under federal law. Specifically, it provides for its powers, cooperation with federal agencies, federal funds, approval of projects, participation in proceedings, administration of permitting programs; effect on other laws; requirements for department of environmental management of Indiana in preparation of list of impaired waters, rule adoption, and identification of pollutants under consideration in establishing total maximum daily load for a surface water. Among others, the powers of the Agency include to cooperate with the United States Surgeon General and other agencies of the federal government, other states, interstate agencies, and other interested parties in all matters relating to water pollution, including the development of programs for eliminating or reducing pollution and improving the sanitary condition of waters; and on behalf of Indiana, to apply for and receive money made available to the department under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act by any agency of the federal government.
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