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Waters of the State (Minnesota Statutes: Chapter 103G)

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This Chapter of the Minnesota Statutes concerns waters of the state of Minnesota. Specifically, it provides for the authority of the commissioner of natural resources; water conservation program; cooperation with other agencies; representing state in water issues; enjoining water-flow interference outside state; commissioner's authority to investigate and construct projects; director's authority; venue of certain actions; public waters designation and use; public waters inventory; effect of public waters designation; draining public waters prohibited without replacement; agricultural use of public waters during drought; driftless area and water resources; draining public waters wetlands; contractor's responsibility when work drains or fills wetlands; replacement of wetlands; wetland value replacement plans; local comprehensive wetland protection and management plans; wetland creation or restoration within pipeline easement; state wetlands and public drainage systems; state conservation easements, wetland bank credit; property owner's use of public waters wetlands; restrictions on access to wetlands; property owner's use of wetlands; controlling noxious weeds; compensation for loss of private use; work affecting public waters; water diversion and appropriation; allocating and controlling waters of the state; water allocation priorities; water supply and management; appropriation and use of waters; installation for water use; water use prohibited without measuring quantities; monitoring to evaluate impacts from appropriations; surface water appropriations; groundwater appropriations; well interference and well sealing; public water supply plans and appropriation during deficiency; statewide drought plan; diverting or draining water for mining; landscape irrigation systems; general permit and procedure; water level, its establishment and control; application to establish lake levels; water level control for landlocked lakes; water level control for public waters with outlet; temporary drawdown of public waters; stipulation of low-water mark; stream gauge data; Big Stone Lake and seasonal water level; control of Mississippi headwater lakes; dam construction and maintenance; hydropower generation; flowage easements; water aeration and deicing; harvesting and controlling aquatic plants; sunken log recovery; stream maintenance program; state's ownership of bed of navigable river; and the Great Lakes Compact.
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