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Waterworks and Water Supplies Generally (Code of Alabama: Title 22 Health, Mental Health, and Environmental Control; Chapter 23)

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This chapter of the Code of Alabama concerns waterworks and water supplies generally. The chapter also adopts the Safe Drinking Water Act of Alabama. Specifically, it provides for regulatory authority of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management over water supplies; state primary drinking water regulations; state secondary drinking water regulations; variances and exemptions from regulations; action by board regarding imminent and substantial hazards; notification of users and regulatory agencies by water suppliers of certain violations, etc.; samples of water supplied to the public; permit to construct or modify water system; prerequisite to issuance of bonds by local government unit; right of entry of board for investigations and inspections; reports of condition of water supply, plant, etc., by applicants, or suppliers; polluting public water supply; prohibited acts; powers and duties of board in administration of article; penalties; and public nuisances.
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