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Agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Economy of Turkmenistan on cooperation on water issues.

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The Parties, within their competence, develop cooperation with a view to taking joint actions for the sustainable management of transboundary water resources, improving water availability in the Amudarya river basin, and also measures to ensure the effective implementation of international treaties to which both states are Parties. The Parties shall carry out close cooperation on the issues of joint management, rational use and accounting of water resources of the Amudarya River undertaking the following measures: (a) take appropriate measures to ensure the distribution of water resources in accordance with the protocol decisions of the Interstate Coordination Water Commission (ICWC); (b) in years of water scarcity, on a parity basis, water abstraction shall be limited in the middle course to prevent acute water shortage in the lower reaches of the Amudarya river; (c) jointly consider and implement water resources management the lower reaches of the Amudarya river; (d) to increase the efficiency of the use of water resources of the Amudarya river, including the Tuyamuyun water reservoir, consistently implement measures to carrying out of washover operations of irrigated lands in the lower course of the river; (e) consistently implement activities aimed at improving regulation of water resources in the middle and lower reaches of the Amudarya River and water availability of irrigated lands on the territory of the Parties; and (f) consideration of environmental requirements with a view of complex solution of the problems related to the use of sewerage-drainage water. Cooperation shall be performed in the following forms: (a) exchange of experience; and (b) exchange of information and data.
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This Agreement entered into force on 6 March 2017.
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