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Law on Property in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Type of law

A Law to regulate private, state and collective property and protect property and rights inherent to property. The text of the Act consists of 40 articles divided into 7 sections: General provisions (I); Property of citizens (II); Collective (shirkat) property (III); State property (IV); Combined property (V); Property of joint ventures, foreign citizens, organizations and states (VI); Guarantees and the protection of the right of property (VII).
Provisions of Section II make a distinction between private and personal property. Private property is defined as "a right to own land privately, and use and manage one's property with the aim of making a profit out of it" (art. 8). Section III provides for property of farms, cooperatives, joint stock companies and other forms of economic associations.
Date of text
Serial Imprint
Republic of Uzbekistan Laws and Decrees, "Uzbekiston", 1992, pp. 5-22.
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