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Presidential Decree No. UP-6024 validating the Concept for the development of water sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the period of 2020-2030.

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Concept for the development of water sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the period of 2020-2030 is a nationwide multi-sectoral policy document. The main goal of the Concept for the development of the water economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is to create the conditions necessary to meet the constantly growing needs of the population, sectors of the economy and the environment in water, to ensure reliable and safe operation of waterworks, as well as effective management and rational use of water resources, improve the reclamation state of irrigated land, achieving water security in the face of increasing water scarcity and global climate change.
Priority areas of the Concept shall be as follows: (a) improvement of forecasting and accounting of water resources, the system of formation and ensuring the transparency of the database; (b) modernization and development of water facilities (with the exception of potable water and wastewater systems), automation of management of large water facilities based on digital technologies, widespread introduction of modern technologies that allow saving electricity and other resources, widespread attraction of foreign investments to the sphere of purposeful and effective use of allocated funds; (c) ensuring safety and reliable operation of reservoirs, flood reservoirs and other water facilities; (d) improvement of water resources management system, introduction of the Smart Water technology and similar digital technologies in water use and water consumption accounting; (e) further expansion of the introduction of water-saving irrigation technologies in the cultivation of agricultural crops, their state stimulation, attraction of foreign investments and grants in this area; (f) improving the land reclamation and ensuring the sustainability of irrigated land, assisting in increasing land fertility, applying effective technologies to reduce the level and prevent soil salinization; (g) introduction of the principles of a market economy in the water sector, including a system of phased reimbursement by water consumers of part of the costs of water supply with the direction of the funds received for timely high-quality repairs, restoration and implementation of digital technologies in waterworks and their effective management; (h) introduction of public-private partnership and outsourcing in the water sector, transfer of individual waterworks for use by farms, clusters and other organizations with the direction of the saved funds to modernize waterworks, pay and incentivize workers; (i) introduction of the principles of integrated water resources management, guaranteed water supply to the population, stable water supply to the sectors of the economy, improving water quality and maintaining the ecological balance of the environment; (g) development of interstate relations on the use of transboundary water resources, development and promotion of mutually acceptable mechanisms for joint management of water resources and programs for effective water use, ensuring a balance of interests of the Central Asian countries; and (h) training qualified personnel for the water sector, improving the system for training of workers, developing mutual cooperation in the spheres of education, science and production, as well as introducing the achievements of science and know-how into production.
The Concept envisages application of the following measures: (a) incentives for introduction of water saving technologies, including irrigated areas; (b) monitoring of water consumption and introduction of distant zoning; and (c) improvement of water quality.
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-6024 10.07.2020 2020 2030 .