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Ozone Layer Protection (Amendment) Act 2014 (No. 4 of 2014).

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This Act amends the Ozone Layer Protection Act 2010 by inserting a new Schedule on administration and by making amendments to various sections concerning, among other things, the allocation of HCFC quotas to license holders. New Part (1A) specifies the functions and powers of the Director of the National Ozone Unit and provides with respect to delegation of such functions and powers. The Director shall, among other things: (a) implement the objects of this Act; and (b) survey, assess and analyse the consumption and use of any controlled substance; and (c) establish a regular monitoring and audit process for data collection concerning the use of controlled substances, and monitor compliance with the phase-out date specified in the National Policy; and (d) administer the registration, license or permit programmes concerning the management of this Act.
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An Act to amend the Ozone Layer Protection Act No. 27 of 2010.
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