Right to Information Act No.13 of 2016

Type of law
Date of original text

An Act to provide for the guarantee of the right to information of all persons and to establish practical effective mechanisms. The purpose of this Act is, among others, to give effect to the right to freedom of expression under the Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu, to provide access to information held by Government agencies and relevant private entities and to establish voluntary and mandatory mechanisms to give the public the right to access to information. This Act is divided into seven parts: (i) preliminary matters; (ii) disclosure and access to information; (iii) third-party notification and intervention; (iv) amendment of personal information; (v) exemptions; (vi) information commissioner; (vii) enforcement by the information commissioner; and (viii) measures to promote access to information.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
In force 6 February 2017.
Of relevance to persons potentially importing into or exporting from Vanuatu.
Legislation Amendment