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Succession Probate and Administration Regulation 1972 (No.7 of 1972).

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These Regulations concern distribution of estate of intestate, letters and other matters of administration of the estate and effects of deceased persons, formal evidence of probate purporting to be under the seal of a court of competent jurisdiction and other matters of title and inheritance. Subject to the provisions of this Regulation and to any Rules made hereunder the court shall have jurisdiction in contentious and non-contentious probate matters and proceedings and in the granting or revoking of probate of wills and administration of estates of persons dying domiciled or leaving property in Vanuatu. The court may make such order with reference to any question arising in respect of any will or administration, or with reference to the application of any estate which a personal representative may have in hand, or as to the residue of the estate, as the circumstances of the case may require.
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