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Law No. 41 of 2006 amending some articles of Water Law No. 33 of 2002.

Type of law

The present Law amends the Water Law. In particular, Section III (Organization, management and planning of water resources) trasfers to the Ministry of Water and Environment the powers of the General Authority for Water Resources. The amendments in Section IV (Water uses) aim to specify the role of wastewater treatment plants, which did not exist or were starting to operate in 2002. A paragraph is added in art. 26 with the provisions that can be taken by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in case of dangers of floods in irrigated areas. The amended law inserts some changes in Section V (Water rights and licenses). In Section VI (Water preservation and water protection against pollution) standards and technical criteria are provided for drinking water supply and distribution. Preservation of water resources from depletion and pollution and their use rationalization become tasks of the Ministry instead of the Authority for Water Resources, as well as the responsibility defined in Section VII (Protection against floods). Also in Section VIII (Control and penalties) and Section IX (General provisions) the law transfers the powers from the Authority to the ministry.
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This Law enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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(41) 2006 (33) 2002