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Prime Minister Resolution of 2005 issuing the regulation on Law No. 17 of 2004 regulating and protecting the animal wealth.

Type of law

This Regulation provides for veterinary health measures, adopted and applied, updated and published by Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation to protect human and animal health from the risks arising from additives or contaminants or toxins or organisms bearing diseases and present in animal products or animal production processes.
The Regulation is composed of 4 Chapters divided in 8 Sections and 57 Articles. Chapter 1: Untitled (Section 1: Definitions; Section 2: General principles). Chapter 2: Protection and Development of Livestock (Section 1: Livestock production organization and investment promotion; Section 2: Wild animals and birds protection; Section 3: Bees and worm silk, honey production). Chapter 3: Animal Health (Section1: Veterinary Medicine; Section 2: Combating epidemics and diseases that infect animals; Section 3: (Quarantine). Chapter 4: Final Provisions.
Chapter 1, Section 2, outlines the criteria used for the establishment of the measures of competence of the Ministry.
Chapter 2, Section 1, concerns the granting and withdrawal of permits for the establishment of investment facility in the field of livestock. While Section 2 concerns the hunting, and in particular: permits, areas and calendars, birds and other animals that are allowed/prohibited hunting, technical and health conditions to be taken in zoos, terms of acquisition, protection, feeding, transportation, treating and use of test animals.
Chapter 3, Section 1, is divided as follows: Terms and conditions of practicing the profession of veterinary; The rights and duties with the profession of veterinary. Section 3, after stating that the importation of animals, animal products and requirements for production and animal health is only allowed by the countries of origin, indicates conditions, permits and certificates that must accompany the importation of animals or animal products, in addition to quarantine regulation.
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This Regulation enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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( ) 2005 (17) 2004