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Government Notice no. 3177 of 2023. Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for the Pesticide Sector.

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This Notice, in terms of section 18(1) and (3) of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, no. 59 of 2008, applies to the identified products or class of products listed in the attached table and the resulting waste which arises from the use by a consumer. The Notice concerns: consumer, as any person using pesticides for personal, agricultural, industrial, environmental or professional purpose; registration holder; thermal treatment, as incineration, co-processing and other high temperature treatment of hazardous and general waste. According to the Notice, a producer of fertilisers and related products listed in the attached table invests resources to implement the extended producer responsibility measures at the post-consumer stage linked to: collection, storage and transportation of products; treatment and recycling.
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Government Gazette of South Africa no. 48281 of 2023.
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Legislation Amendment