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National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Act, no. 14 of 2013.

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This Act provides for the amendment of various Acts related to National Environmental Management. Concerning the Biodiversity Act (no. 10 of 2004), the amendments focus on: the following definitions and specific words and expressions: (biodiversity sector; commercial exploitation; commercialisation; competent authority); the revision of the objective of the Act, including the need to protect the ecosystem as a whole and the species which are not targeted for exploitation; the regulation of threatened and indigenous species to ensure that the utilisation of these species is done in an ecologically sustainable manner; restricted activities involving listed threatened or protected species and species to which an international agreement regulating international trade applies; the implementation of self-administration; the extension of the functions of the scientific authority to include assisting with species to which an international agreement regulating international trade applies; the use of indigenous genetic and biological resources in an ecologically sustainable manner which promotes social and economic development, in particular in the areas where the resources are associated with traditional knowledge; circumstances under which a permit application or permit may be deferred, refused, cancelled or suspended, including activities involving marine species, the threatened or protected species that cause damage and activities concerning prevention, control or eradication of invasive species; the extension of the Ministerial powers to make regulations; addition of offences and penalties and Ministerial power to declare amnesty in certain circumstances.
Concerning the Air quality Act (no. 39 of 2004), the amendment concerns the alignment of the penalties with other specific environmental management Acts. Concerning the Waste Act (no. 59 of 2008), the amendment focuses on the definition of waste, including any substance regardless if it can be reduced, re-used, recycled or recovered, even generated by the mining, medical or other sector. Amendments of Acts no. 14 and 15 of 2009 concern incorrect citation of short title and commencement.
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Government Gazette of the Republic of South Africa no. 36703 of 2013.
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