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National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Act, No. 2 of 2022.

Type of law

This Act, consisting of 89 articles, provides for the amendment of the following Acts: 1) the National Environmental Management Act, no. 107 of 1998; 2) the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act, no. 57 of 2003; 3) the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, no. 10 of 2004; 4) the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, no. 39 of 2004; 5) the Integrated Coastal Management Act, no. 24 of 2008; 6) the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, no. 59 of 2008; 7) the National Environmental Management Amendment Act, no. 62 of 2008. The amendments concern: the adding of new terms and definitions, including: audit, environmental management instrument and environmental risk assessment, environmental mineral resources inspector, indigenous knowledge practitioner, latent environmental impacts, financial provision, mining activity; mitigation. Further amendments concern: the registration of all environmental management instruments adopted according to this Act; the individuation of the competent authority for processing environmental authorisation applications, for eliminating any source of environmental pollution and for undertaking public participation in waste management activity; the definition of financial provisions for remediation of environmental damage, for mining and mineral resources; powers of inspectors; criminal provisions related to the treatment of seized live specimens; delegation of powers and duties by responsible institutions.
What is more, the Act defines relevant matters covered by Ministerial powers: studies done for the environmental impact assessments; the ecological integrity of the protected environment; the protected environment as a biodiversity priority area for the protection of species; the protected environment as a strategic water resource area. The Act provides for: eradication and destruction of all alien or invasive species; prohibition of any activity that may negatively impact on the well-being of animals; consequences of unlawful conduct of listed activity resulting in atmospheric emission; revocation or suspension of atmospheric emission licences; categorisation of different types of waste, including: domestic waste, hazardous waste, residues; establishment of Waste Management Bureau and definition of its tasks; measures concerning remediation plans relating to contaminated land.
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Government Gazette of the Republic of South Africa no. 46602 of 2022.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Wysigingswet op Nasionale Omgewingsbestuurswette, No. 02 van 2022.