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Regulations regarding extended producer responsibility. Government Notice no. 1184 of 2020.

Type of law

These Regulations, made in terms of section 69 (1) of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, no. 59 of 2008, provide for the extension of the producer s responsibility to the post-consumer stage of a product's life cycle. The Regulations concern: circular economy; producer responsibility organisation; importer; small business; waste collection.
The Regulations aims at: creating a framework for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of extended producer responsibility schemes, in compliance with the provisions of the article 18 of the Act no. 59 of 2008; ensuring the effective and efficient management of the identified end-of-life products; enabling the implementation of the circular economy initiatives. The Regulations cover the following matters: registration of producers; measures to be implemented by producers, including: implementation of an extended producer responsibility scheme that includes the entire value chain, and payment of the related fee; conduction of periodic audit report; implementation of a life cycle assessment for the products, taking into consideration: reduction of natural resources consumption, design of environmentally friend products, waste prevention, reduction of toxicity of the resulting waste stream; development of secondary markets for recycled contents; promotion of small businesses and entrepreneurs with a special focus on women, youth and persons living with disabilities.
The Regulations provide for: defining minimum requirements and criteria for extended producer responsibility schemes, including: waste minimisation, reuse and recycling, treatment and disposal; determination of financial arrangements and administrative costs; monitoring, reporting and evaluation; penalties and offences.
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Government Gazette of South Africa no. 43879 of 2020.
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