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Ionising Radiation Protection (Amendment) Act, 2011 (No. 19 of 2011).

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This Act amends the Ionising Radiation Protection Act, 2005 in section 2 by adding the definitions of "licence" and "licensee" and in Part IV by repeal of that Part and the substitution therefor of the Part set out in this Act. Part IV requires a person who intends to import, process, mine, export, possess, transport, use, dispose of, or undertake any other activity relating to radioactive material or any other source of harmful ionising radiation to apply to the Radiation Protection Authority Board for an ionising radiation licence. It also requires a licensee to appoint a competent person as a radiation protection officer and provides that an owner or a user of radioactive material or source of harmful ionising radiation for which the person does not hold a valid licence shall be answerable for any harmful effects arising from the possession, storage, transport, use or disposal of such radioactive material or source of harmful ionising radiation. It also concerns enforcement measures that may be take by the Board and provide for appeal against decisions of the Board with the Minister and appeal with the High Court against the decision of the Minister.
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