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Carbon Credits Trading (General) Regulations, 2023.

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These Regulations are made by the Minister responsible for Climate Change Management, in terms of section 140(2)(c) of the Environmental Management Act [Chapter20:27]. The objective of these Regulations is to provide control and management of all carbon credit trading projects in Zimbabwe. Regulation 5 establishes the Designated National Authority within the Climate Change Management Department and lays down its functions. Regulation 6 constitutes the Carbon Credit Trading Committee consisting of experts on climate change, carbon markets etc. and provides for its functions. Regulation 8 provides for application and registration procedure for engaging in carbon credit trading. Regulation 12 contains the manner in which the share of proceeds from carbon credit trading shall be allocated. Regulation 15 requires a central registry and repository of all carbon trading information to be established and known as the Zimbabwe Carbon Credit Registry.
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Supplement to the Zimbabwean Government Gazette dated the 18th August, 2023.
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