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Hazardous Substances and Articles Act [Chapter 15:05].

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This Act establishes the Hazardous Substances and Articles Control Board and makes provision for the declaration and regulation of hazardous substances and articles.
The Minister may by Regulation provide for a variety of matters including: controlling or restricting the purposes for which hazardous substances may be used and prohibiting the harvesting, sale or consumption of food crops in respect of which provisions have been contravened; differentiation of the containers of hazardous substances and the containers of food and potable liquids; and controlling or restricting the manufacture, sale, possession, storage, conveyance, importation or use of hazardous substances.
Hazardous substances shall be declared by the Minister on recommendation of the Board. Hazardous substances shall be classified in groups and for each group certain rules of use and licensing are established. The Licensing Officer shall keep a register of licences and hazardous substances. The Act furthermore provides, among other things, for appeals against decisions of the Board and inspections.
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An Act to establish a Hazardous Substances and Articles Control Board and to confer powers and functions on such Board in relation to the licensing of hazardous substances and articles, suppliers of hazardous substances and premises, vehicles, vessels or aircraft on which hazardous substances are sold and in relation to certain other matters; to provide for the regulation of hazardous substances and hazardous articles; and to provide for matters incidental to and connected with the foregoing.
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Consolidated edition of Act No. 25 of 1971 as amended last by Act No. 22 of 2001.
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