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Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Tariff of Fees) By-laws, 2019 (S.I. No. 108 of 2019).

Type of law

These By-laws of the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, approved by the Minister of Environment, Water and Climate, in terms of section 129A of the Parks and Wild Life Act, as read with section 97(1) of the Parks and Wildlife (General) Regulations, 1990, set out the tariff of fees payable by residents and non-residents in Zimbabwe in respect of the services and facilities specified therein. This comprehensive list of fees for services includes, among other things, conservation fees, aquatic conservation fees, fees for fishing in a parks estate, both commercial and non-commercial, small-scale wildlife captive breeding of fish, hunting, small-scale and large-scale captive breeding of animals, use of vehicles, trade in wildlife products, entry into protected areas, game and game products, exploitation of park products, etc. Some indications of restrictions on fishing are provided in the Schedule.
Date of text
The Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Tariff of Fees) By-laws, 2015, published in Statutory Instrument 79 of 2015, are repealed.
Serial Imprint
Supplement to the Zimbabwean Government Gazette of 10 May 2019.
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