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Water Act.

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The Zimbabwe Water Act comprises twelve Parts, i.e. I, Preliminary; II, Water Resources Planning and Development; III, Establishment, Functions and Procedures of Catchment Councils; IV, Use of Water; V, Water Shortage Areas; VI, Water Quality Control and Environmental Protection; VII, Servitudes in Respect of Water; VIII, Combined Water Schemes; IX, Safety of Dams; X, Appeals; XI, General; XII, Repeals and Savings. The Schedule describes the powers of officers.
The Act outlines its amendment procedures, administrative structures, regulations and procedures for water end users and government officials to follow for the conservation and prevention of pollution of the water supply, and includes emergency response procedures in case of disaster or shortage. It also outlines permit procedures and regulations controlling water servitudes, types of servitudes granted and the rights of water servitude holders. The Act creates an Administrative Court for enforcement, and explains appeals procedures and penalties for Act violations, and the duties of the various Catchment Councils and the National Water Authority in water management. Specific areas of water usage mentioned in the Act are agricultural, electrical, mining, railway and road works
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An Act to provide for the planning of the optimum development and utilization of the water resources of Zimbabwe and the establishment of water advisory councils; for the establishment, jurisdiction and composition of the Water Court and for the powers and procedure thereof; for applications for rights to use public water and for the control thereof by the State in certain circumstances; for the declaration of public water shortage areas and the consequences thereof; for the control of underground water; for the acquisition of servitudes in respect of waters and matters ancillary thereto; for the prevention and control of water pollution; for the approval of combined irrigation schemes; for the safety of dams; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.
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1996 edition of Act No. 41 of 1976 as amended.
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Official publication, pp. 583-623.
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