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Water (Subcatchment Councils) Regulations, 2000 (Cap. 20:24).

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These Regulations concern members and procedures of Subcatchment Councils as established by the Minister under section 20 of the Water Act. ) Subject to the Act and without derogation the powers of the catchment council, having jurisdiction over the subcatchment council concerned, a subcatchment council shall (a) regulate and supervise the exercise of permits for the use of water including ground water within the area for which it was established; (b) monitor water flows and water use in accordance with allocations made under permits; (c) ensure that such water measuring devices as may be required to enable the subcatchment council to discharge its functions under paragraph (b) are in place and operating; (d) elect persons to represent the interests of the subcatchment council at catchment level; (e) promote catchment protection in accordance with the Water (Catchment Councils) Regulations, 2000; (f) ensure that anyone discharging waste into the rivers has a permit; (g) report as required to the catchment council on the exercise of water permits within its area; (h) assist in the collection of data and participate in planning; (i) collect subcatchment rates, fees and levies in accordance with section twelve; (j) perform any other duties the catchment council may assign to it.
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Consolidated version of Statutory Instrument of 2000 as amended by S.I. SI 243/00.
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