Definition variable, e.g.: - farms “with a low asset base and operating in less than 2 hectares of cropland” (World Bank Rural Development Strategy, 2003); - operating under structural constraints such as access to sub-optimal amounts of resources, technology and markets; - limited resource endowment compared to those of other farmers in the sector (Dixon et al., 2004); - struggle to be competitive (…) (Brooks et al., 2009). (Source: Defining small-scale food producers to monitor target 2.3 of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, FAO, 2017)

The interplanting of farm crops and trees, especially leguminous species. In semiarid regions and on denuded hillsides, agroforestry helps control erosion and restores soil fertility, as well as supplying valuable food and commodities at the same time. (Source: GEMET/ ALL)

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