Green East Master ltd.
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Representatives of the private sector
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Development of adequate and effective environmental legislation and legal frameworks to address environmental issues.
Strengthen the effective implementation of environmental law.
Enhanced capacity-building for increased effectiveness of environmental law.
Request description
It is possible to combine value creation with the preservation of health and environment. We are convinced that the Cradle to Cradle circular economy model has positive impacts for collectivities, businesses and the planet. This aspiration to give meaning, to have a positive footprint on environment, and to put people back at the core of economic activity, are the driving forces that animate and inspire our teams and our platform.
With the myUpcyclea solution, design healthy and circular buildings, meet reuse needs, optimize design phases, obtain environmental labels more easily, and deliver a digital bank of deposits to owners.

Topics relating to the request
Chemicals and Waste
Climate and Atmosphere
Environmental Governance and Rights
Land and Agriculture
Does your request align with the country’s United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework?
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Related Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 7
Related UNEA Resolutions
Investing in innovative environmental solutions for accelerating implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
Related Multilateral Environmental Agreements
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Other relevant agreements
We wish to give priority to Human Health. Reuse of waste materials such as fly ash , rock dust , lime stone and meta kaolin.