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Argentina Focal Point for the CCAC
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Development of adequate and effective environmental legislation and legal frameworks to address environmental issues.
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(min. of 500 characters including spaces). Law No. 20,284 of the Plan for the Prevention of Critical Air Pollution Situations was promulgated in 1973 and was never regulated. It is a national law that establishes air quality standards for six pollutants and adherence by the provinces is voluntary. The provinces are the competent authorities in matters of environmental protection within their territories. Some provinces and/or municipalities have some regulations regarding air pollution.

Law 25,675/2002 on National Environmental Policy establishes, among other things, the minimum standards (presupuestos mínimos, in Spanish) for achieving sustainable and adequate management of the environment.

Article 1 establishes the minimum standards for achieving sustainable and adequate management of the environment, the preservation and protection of biological diversity and the implementation of sustainable development.

Pursuant to Article 6, the minimum standards, set out in Article 41 of the National Constitution, are understood to be any norm that grants uniform or common environmental protection for the entire national territory, and its purpose is to establish the necessary conditions to ensure environmental protection. It must foresee the necessary conditions to guarantee the dynamics of ecological systems and ensure environmental preservation and sustainable development.

There are draft laws on air pollution in Congress, which to date have not been promulgated. A proposal is also being worked on in the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.
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Climate and Atmosphere
Environmental Governance and Rights
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