Dunaferr Ferromark, a company operating a hazardous waste storage facility in Hungary, applied for a permit to establish a permanent facility in Dunaujvaros, where it had previously operated under a provisional license. Pursuant to legislative requirements, the company prepared an environmental performance evaluation, which was adopted by the local environmental authorities and sent to the Mayor’s office for public notification. The document shared with the public for 30 days, during which members of the public were invited to comment, and following which a public hearing was held. At the hearing, local citizens, environmental groups, other authorities, and others participated. They raised a number of concerns, including: - whether the environmental impact assessment procedure had been followed correctly; - whether the siting of the facility followed local zoning regulations; and - whether the company had adequately researched impacts on groundwater streams and soil filtration. Following these concerns, the environmental agency considered the comments and addressed them in its final decision granting the permit.