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Regulation No. 25 on the preservation of rivers and public waters from pollution.

Type of law

This Resolution is composed of 19 articles. Terms and definitions are given in article 1. All rivers and their tributaries, streams, brooks, channels and their main or subordinate branches, drainage channels and their main or subordinate branches, lakes, marshes, pools, swamps, springs, wells, underground water, basins and other water reservoirs are considered public waters (art. 2). Wastewaters may not be drained into public waters unless upon a licence and under special instructions issued by the Health Authority (art. 3). The application for a licence shall be submitted to the Health Authority (art. 4). The Health Authority may define the quantity of wastewater to be drained into public waters (art. 5). Animals, leather, intestines, wool, polluted clothes or any substances which may be harmful to public health, may not be washed in public waters (art. 11). Violations and penalties are contained in article 15.
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This Regulation enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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Official Gazette No. 31, 30 July 1975, 3 pp.
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