Steering committee for implementation

Paragraph 6(c) of Montevideo Programme V states that the national focal points will, at their global meetings, designate a Steering Committee for Implementation, composed of two to three representatives nominated from each United Nations region, ensuring gender balance to the extent possible.

During the online session of the First Global Meeting, national focal points designated fourteen representatives to serve on the steering committee for implementation. Following the end of term for the first steering committee, national focal points designated a new committee during their second global meeting.

The modalities of work for the Steering Committee for Implementation are available as an annex to the report of the online session. You can download them here

Below are the current members of the steering committee of implementation to the Montevideo Programme V. Information about meetings of the commitee, including meeting documents, can be accessed here

Bhutan, Mrs. Nima Om

Mrs. Nima Om is currently serving as the Chief Legal Officer for the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in Bhutan. She has also worked as a prosecutor with the Office of the Attorney General, Bhutan. She holds a master’s degree in International Law and is currently serving as a Commission Member for the Electricity Authority of Bhutan. In her present role, she advises on and handles all legal matters, including litigation, related to the Department of Environment and Climate Change, the Department of Forests and Park Services, Department of Energy, Department of Water, and Department of Geology and Mines.

Mrs. Om has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing legislation and agreements related to biosafety, biodiversity, forest and nature conservation, food safety, livestock, cooperatives, mining, energy, and agricultural laws.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Azra Rogović-Grubić

Ms. Azra Rogović-Grubić has been a Senior Adviser for International Cooperation at the Department of Environmental Protection at Bosnia and Herzegovina's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations since 2004. She is also a National Ozone Officer under the purview of the Montreal Protocol. Ms. Rogović-Grubić holds two Masters, one in Civil Engineering and one in State Management and Humanitarian Affairs.

Burkina Faso, Mr. Gontran Yanbèfar Some

Mr. Gontran Yanbèfar Some is the Director of Legal and Judiciaries Affairs at the Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change of Burkina Faso. He is also a Member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Bangr Weogo urban park in Ouagadougou.

Cambodia, Mr. Vann Monyneath

Mr. Vann Monyneath is the Deputy Secretary General of the National Council for Sustainable Development in Cambodia. He is in charge of leading the development, integration, implementation and monitoring of policies and strategies related to sustainable development. Mr. Monyneath holds a PhD in Environmental Management from Preston University.

Colombia, Ms. Daniela Almario Aristizabal

Daniela Almario Aristizábal - Adviser ...

Ms. Daniela Almario Aristizábal is an adviser to the Office of International Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia.


Information on the representative will be uploaded soon.

Maldives, Ms. Fazeela Ahmed Shaheem

Fazeela Ahmed Shaheem - Associate Legal ...


Ms. Fazeela Ahmed Shaheem is an Associate Legal Counsel within the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Bhutan. 

Saint Lucia, Ms. Kate Wilson

Ms. Kate Wilson is a Legal Officer at the Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development in Saint Lucia. She is an advocate for the environment, gender issues and the rights of women and children. Ms. Wilson has served on several committees and worked with many NGOs locally. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and Arts and a Master of Laws.


Slovenia, Ms. Tanja Pucelj Vidović