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Marketing of Potatoes Act 1946 (Act No. 26 of 1946).

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This Act provides for the establishment of the Potato Marketing Corporation of Western Australia and defines its composition and its functions and powers.
Functions of the Corporation include: to regulate the production of ware potatoes so as to ensure the supply of the quantities, kinds and qualities preferred by consumers; market potatoes on the State; register persons authorized to carry on commercial production of potatoes and licence the areas of land used for such businesses; and encourage and promote the use of potatoes and provide for the monitoring and regulation of the production of potatoes for propagation.
The Act prohibits the sale or delivery of ware potatoes except to the Corporation or in accordance with a permit granted. The Act sets out procedures and requirements for the registration of potato commercial producers and for obtaining licences for areas of land used for potato growing.
The Act further provides for: allocation of domestic market entitlements; compensation; prices applicable to ware potatoes for the domestic market; restrictions on carriage of potatoes and on proceedings against Corporation; offences; legal proceedings: etc.
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An Act to make provision for the marketing, sale and disposal of ware potatoes and to control their production; to require the registration of growers, and the licensing of areas of land used for the production of potatoes; to repeal the Potato Growers Licensing Act 1941, and to constitute the Potato Marketing Corporation of Western Australia; and for other relative purposes.
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This Act enters into force on 20 January 1947.
Last amendments up to: Marketing of Potatoes Amendment and Repeal Act 2016 (s. 12 and s. 13(a) 9) No. 22 of 12 September 2016. Reprinted as at 30 September 2016.
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