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National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975.

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Parks and reserves are to be declared by Proclamation of the Governor-General, who may declare all or any part of the park or reserve to be a wilderness zone. Proclamations may be revoked or amended, provided, however, that no Proclamation be made withdrawing land or sea from a park, reserve or wilderness zone, except in accordance with a Resolution passed by each House of Parliament. In any case, no Proclamation creating or revoking parks or reserves may be made, except after consideration by the Executive Council of a report by the Director of National Parks and Wildlife on the matter. No operations for the recovery of minerals are to be carried out in a park or reserve, except with the approval of the Governor-General and in accordance with the plan of management of the park or reserve, nor are excavations, building, timber felling or other works to be carried out, except in accordance with the plan of management.
Wilderness zones are to be maintained in their natural state and are to be used only for scientific research authorized by the Director, and for such recreational and other purposes as are specified in the management plan.
As soon as practicable after declaration of a park or reserve, a plan of management is to be prepared for that park or reserve, and opportunity is to be given for public participation in the administrative planning process. After its preparation the management plan and any representations thereon from the public are to be submitted to the Minister, who may accept the plan or refer it back to the Director for further consideration. Once accepted by the Minister, each management plan is to be laid before the Houses of the Parliament, either of which may within 20 days pass a resolution disallowing that plan. Part IIa provides for boards to be established by the Minister in agreement with the relevant Land Council, established under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act of 1 September 1995, in a prescribed park or reserve in which Aboriginal land is situated. Part III deals with the appointment, powers and functions of the Director of National Parks and Wildlife. So far as Aboriginal land is concerned, the Director may assist and cooperate with Aboriginals in the maintaining of such land for the purpose of protection and conservation of wildlife and of the natural features, provided that no action may be taken except after consultation with the Aboriginals having traditional rights in relation to the land and in accordance with an agreement with the appropriate authorities or persons in whom the land is vested.
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An Act to make provision for and in relation to the establishment of national parks and other parks and reserves and the protection and conservation of wildlife.
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Reprint of Act No. 12 of 1975 as amended last by Act No. 156 of 1999.The text of any of those amendments not in force on that date is appended in the Notes section.
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